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Guerilla Arts Ink | Meet Terrance Nicholson


Meet Terrance Nicholson

Five Rings Arts Services 9 Week Kung Fu Course Prospectus

The following is an overview of a nine week Kung Fu program, which is suitable for children . As the course progresses, individual attention will accompany group exercise.

Week 1: Basics

  • Warm- up stretches/ kicks
  • Basic stances
  • Beginning Kung Fu form ( Primary Fist)

Week 2: Conditioning/ Calisthenics

  • Jumping exercises/ bounding drills
  • Leg conditioning
  • Next sequence of Primary Fist form

Week 3-8: Tantui (springing leg) techniques

  • Tantui exercise # 1-3
  • Next sequence of Primary Fist
  • Basic one and two- step footwork drills
  • Forward walking fist
  • Next sequence of Primary Fist
  • Tantui (springing leg) technique #4
  • Backward walking fist
  • Final sequence of Primary Fist

Week 8: Preparation for Kung Fu Demo

  • Each group will be given specific exercises to demonstrate based on individual skill attained during previous 7 weeks.

Week 9: Kung Fu demonstration.

  • 15 minute presentation showcasing students’ progress in martial arts course.