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Guerilla Arts Ink | Meet Ras D


Meet Ras D

Harambe is a celebration of learning and inspirational moment held daily before classes at the Arts & Tech Academy of Ballou HS in SE, Washington, DC., and at Cesar Chavez Parkside in NE, Washington, DC. Facilitator of Harambe session is Baba Ras D of Revel Youth Shine (RYS) & Guerilla Arts Ink, LLC

“Harambe” is a Kiswahili term that means “We agree to come together and pull together to ensure the victory of Light Over Darkness, Good Over Evil, Love Over Hate, and Life Over Death”. This is the vibration we are striving to engage our children in, when many of them are surrounded by despair. Salute to Baba Ras D and Jabari “AuraGin” Exum for sharing their passion and truly exemplifying what it means to be a “Guerilla Artist.”

Revel Youth Shine, Inc

Quantity Description of Service
Akoben Rites of Passage Program is a premiere manhood training exploration for young men who are approaching Manhood/Woman in the near future. The young men and woman of Akoben will meet once per week for the school year 2011- 2012. This journey in self discovery is designed primarily to inspire the Scholars to choose Creative Self Expression, Critical Thinking, and Right Conduct as an Alternative to Violence.

In the Spirit of Harambe, the Scholars will agree to come together, to pull together, to ensure the Victory of Light over Darkness, Good over Evil, Love over Hate, and Life over Death. Thus all participants will have the responsibility of adhering to the expectations of the Program principles while also maintaining compliance with all rules and regulations therein.

Week One

  • Students will be introduced to the principles of Harembe

Week Two

  • Students will be will participate in exercises the promote Team Building

Week Three

  • Students will participate in exercises the promote Creative Self-Expression

Week Four

  • Students will participate in exercises that promote Critical Thinking Skills

Week Five

  • Students will participate in exercises that promote Right conduct as an alternative to violence.

Week Six

  • Students will select the most preferred activities to practice and prepare to preform

Week Seven

  • Students will practice performance pieces and start videotaping

Week Eight

  • Students showcase their understanding of the Harambe principles though performance and video tape