Exec. Summary

Guerilla Arts Ink is an arts and education collective that serves youth throughout the DC area schools, after school programs, and alternative ed settings. Founded by veteran educator, Peabody Award winning Hip Hop Artist, and U.S. State department Global Hip Hop Ambassador, Gabriel “Asheru” Benn, GA was formed in 2006. We specialize in recruiting, training, and hiring artists and professionals to serve as subject matter experts & teachers in underserved communities. Our Guerilla Arts teaching team consists of over 50 award winning, well traveled, veteran artists​ committed to using their art and expertise to bring about positive change in youth and the communities which we live. Our course offerings range from music and video production, chess, capoeira, theatre, creative writing, performance poetry, mural art, songwriting and much more. Our current clients include College Success Foundation, DC Public & Charter schools, and various other non-profit youth service orgs throughout the country

The name of the org is inspired by No Child Left Behind laws that have unfortunately left our children behind through the commission of arts, cultural, and sports programming, and putting an unreasonable focus on test scores only. In the same spirit of the Guerilla Theatre and Poetry activities that came out of the Black Arts Movement, our teaching artists are committed to whole child development “by any means necessary”…

Specializing in innovative curriculum development — Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program (H.E.L.P.)

Organization founder, Gabriel “Asheru” Benn