Cory L Stowers


  • Project manager with a background in graphic design and marketing.
  • Motivated curator with experience presenting and selling works of art.
  • Experienced, custom muralist, responsive to the vision of others.
  • Detail oriented organizer, managing tasks and deliverables.
  • Passionate educator with over ten-years of non-traditional teaching experience.

For the last year I have been working at Art Under Pressure, where I am a Co-owner, and also serve as Operations Director in charge of two locations. In addition, my key roles include brand development and custom design projects for our clients. Prior to my stewardship of AUP, I spent almost twelve consecutive years teaching graffiti and building arts education curriculum for various local non-profit organizations, including Metro Teen Aids, The Midnight Forum and Words Beats & Life. In that time I instructed over five hundred students.

I have always viewed art as a profession, that when practiced properly allows an artist to be influential through conceptual design, while offering a valuable service to the community. In this way an artist can grow and sustain. My design style reflects a stripped down, less is more approach that helps bring message and intent to any piece I design.