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Guerilla Arts Ink | Executive Summary

Executive Summary

We Are Guerilla Arts!! A community-based arts & education organization dedicated to improving the overall quality of life of the youth we serve through quality arts programming, innovative curriculum design, and educational consulting. In the advent of much needed arts and music education being cut from schools and after school programs, we intend to bridge the achievement GAP thru authentic, hands-on arts enrichment and youth development programming by any means necessary.

Founded by educator and award-winning Hip Hop artist, Gabriel “Asheru” Benn in 2005, Guerilla Arts Ink was formed out of a response to NCLB laws that stifled many arts and music programs in schools in favor of test results-driven, “standard education”. Having seen firsthand the effects of his unique style of Hip Hop and arts integration in the classroom, Benn realized that arts exposure is an absolute necessity in order to bring out students’ potential, regardless of ability level or learning style. Along this aim, the GA Artist Registry was formed to provide a platform for local artists to do what they love, help their communities, and make a living all at the same time, while allowing for the flexibility in scheduling that many artists desire.

In this effort, GA specializes in recruiting, training, and hiring artists and young professionals of various media and background experience to become “Guerilla Artists”; those committed to sharing their talents and time in working collaboratively with youth to create art, music, literary and media productions to impact change within the communities in which they live. We are a for-profit company based in Washington, DC.


  1. H.E.L.P. – In 2005, Guerilla Arts partnered to form Educational Lyrics, LLC a company dedicated to providing culturally responsive teaching materials for the 21st Century Classroom. Our cornerstone program is H.E.L.P., the Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program – a supplemental reading curriculum and instructional training offering a cross-curricular, differentiated approach to effective literacy instruction.
  2. S.H.A.R.P. – Summer Humanities Arts Readiness Program – A summer humanities and arts training program taught by Guerilla Arts trained, Arts Instructors at Ballou SHS in Washington, DC.
  3. G.A.P. – Guerilla Arts Afterschool Program – A series of afterschool arts intensive workshops facilitated by Guerilla Artists and other young professionals. Sites include Ballou SHS, Garfield Terrace, Park Morton, and Hope Community Charter School.
  4. GA Artists Roster – GA is proud to work with our illustrious roster of artists of various media (dance, theater, poetry, creative writing, art, music production, songwriting, visual media, etc.). Each member of our team exhibits the resourcefulness, drive, compassion, and professionalism that qualify them to be called a “Guerilla Artist”, and they are committed to serve as tutors and art instructors in our various daytime and after school programs across the city. We have an ongoing enrollment to our arts roster, all interested applicants should send a headshot, bio, resume and letter of interest to info@wethewilling.org.


  1. Cesar Chavez Parkside Middle School – currently arts and cultural instructional supports for school day learning and enrichment
  2. DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI) – currently offering afterschool classes at The Promise Center, serving youth of the Kenilworth area of DC
  3. Community Partner of Ballou SHS for the past three years
  4. Through a 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) partnership with Howard University’s Center for Urban Progress, GA provides afterschool support for community residents the Garfield Terrace and Park Morton Housing Developments
  5. Partnered with American University’s Office of Community Service and the DC READS program (2010-2011 School Year)
  6. Partnered with DC Housing Authority (DCHA) and Howard University’s Center for Urban Progress (CUP) to provide afterschool programming for two sites: Park Morton and Garfield Terrace Apartments (2009-2010 School Year)
  7. Partnered with DC Public Schools (DCPS) and Department of Employment Service (DOES) to run Summer Humanities Arts Readiness Program (SHARP) at Ballou SHS (Summer 2009)


  1. Partnered with Northern Virginia Urban League (NVUL) to provide weekly arts and cultural programming with students
  2. Conducted special environmental education H.E.L.P. workshops with Artisphere in Arlington County, Virginia
  3. Through a 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) partnership with Sasha Bruce, Inc., GA/H.E.L.P. provides tutoring support and arts enrichment to 150 students at Ballou SHS
  4. DC Youth Investment Trust Corporation partnered with HELP to provide professional development to 10 community organizations (Summer 2008 & 2009)
  5. Worked with Street Soldiers, an Oakland based non-violence community organization (2007—2008)
  6. Worked with Rock Creek Academy in NW Washington, DC to provide professional development for teachers and literacy programming for students (2008-2010)
  7. Ongoing partnership with Keepers of the Art, a non-profit organization based in Akron, OH to provide HELP programming to area middle schools (Fall 2010 – Present)